A World in Motion (A.W.I.M) is a wonderful competition aimed to develop scientific thoughts among the students. The competition is conducted by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

ARAI is a research association of the Automotive Industry with Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India.

The AWIM sessions are held on weekends. The Engineer volunteers from John Deere & the in-charge teachers conduct these sessions to teach scientific and mathematical concepts in a funny way. Students are trained to develop their own toy with their on innovation that will be tested on different tracks. Toys for respective classes are,

  1. Skimmer for class V students               ii)         Jet Toy for class VI students 

At the end of the training a competition at school level is conducted out of which best two teams from each class are selected for further competitions. The competitions are being held at three levels.

The competition needs a sponsorship to participate. Moledina High School is among the selected schools. Our school is sponsored by John Deere India Pvt.Ltd.

We have a tremendous winning record in these competitions.


2010-11 :       1st in maximum speed category.

2013-14 :       i) Winning team of AWIM Pune Olympics 2013 & Qualified for National      Olympics-2013, Bangaluru.

                      ii) 1st in Maximum Time category

2014-15 :       i) Winning team of AWIM Pune Olympics 2014.Qualified for National Olympics- 2014, Chakan.

                      ii) 1st prize in maximum Distance category.      

                      iii) 1st prize in maximum time category.

2015-16 :       i) 1st prize in maximum speed category.

                      ii) 1st prize in accuracy category.