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Seerat-un-nabi Elocution competition:

Laqad kaaan lakum fee rasoolillahi uswatu hasanah.(Holy Qur’an)

No doubt the greatest man who ever stepped his foot on earth is Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) whose life is the best example for us to live our life. With the view of unfolding and realizing the importance of seerah of prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.) in our life, the management decided to conduct elocution competitions “Kul Maharashtra Seeratunnabi Taqreeri Muqabley”  in the year 1962.

Moledina High School is the pioneer of the Seerat-un-nabi elocution competition in Maharashtra. Many schools and institutions have followed our footsteps to conduct such competitions. The selfless efforts and years of hard work has made these competitions the most loved and awaited seerat-un-nabi competition of Maharashtra State.

Schools from all over Maharashtra participate in these competitions. The competitions are conducted in four groups.

  • Junior Boys
  • Junior girls
  • Senior Boys
  • Senior Girls

Winning schools and competitors are rewarded with winning shield, Islamic books and cash prizes.